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Product details:
Magnificatz - The Definitive Collection, VOL 1:
Life is Just a Series of Naps and Snacks

Book length: 130 pages
Publisher: WishTales Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1096466376
ISBN-13: 978-1096466376

Steve Ogden's Magnificatz is a cartoon syndicated through Universal Press.
This collection contains the first 100 comics of the Magnificatz Definitive Collection
and pages of extras. With a foreword by Brian Gordon ("Fowl Language")

About Magnificatz:
Sam and Nina are two cats as different as the two sides of your brain.
Where Sam is creative, enthusiastic and optimistic, Nina is logical, critical and cynical.
They live, laugh and argue in a fever dream land of imagination.In addition to general silliness,
Sam and Nina debate the creative process, the role of art and science,
and just who ate that last can of tuna.
It's like a brain pill with a tasty coating of wit.
Together, these two cats are the two sides of your magnificent brain... Magnificatz!